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posted 9 hours ago (19/10/2014 @ 22:01) ▪ 5 notes

Hello and welcome to Fantasias first ever event!

During Hallo-week, you will be invited into Ultimecia’s Haunted Castle for a costume party! Be wary; danger lurks behind every corner within these haunted halls! Many booby traps lay in wait for the unsuspecting within the wicked witches castle. Will you race to the top, or enjoy some punch in the lobby?

Dress up,
Mingle with the other invitees,
Enjoy the party,
and perhaps, discover something spooky within this mysterious castle!

The dates for this event will be from October 20th — October 31st! Use time to your benefit!

posted 14 hours ago (19/10/2014 @ 16:51) ▪ 1 notes
We are prepairing for this months event!

Info about the event will be given out later on tonight! We hope you all will participate!

posted 1 day ago (18/10/2014 @ 10:25)
Anonymous: Well, I'll go in as much depth as I can in an ask. Do people rp as the face of characters? For example; the face is Vanille, but doesn't act like Vanille; the face is Vanille, acts like Vanille, but doesn't have the same story as Vanille. Or is it wholly Vanille's character? Another question is this kind of an alternate universe? Or is this a new world where different ff characters come together like Dissidia? (I've kind of stalked a few of the muses trying to get an understanding of it all)

We only rp canon characters here. So no face characters. As for the second question, it can be placed wherever you want. We all just interact and through the roleplaying we figure out where the setting is. 


posted 1 day ago (18/10/2014 @ 10:24) ▪ 1 notes
Lightning has been reserved!
posted 2 days ago (17/10/2014 @ 16:35)
Anonymous: I'm not new to rp, but I am to the Final Fantasy rp world, how would this work?

I’m not sure what you mean. Do you have a more specific question?


posted 3 days ago (17/10/2014 @ 5:10) ▪ 1 notes
Snow Villiers is here!
posted 3 days ago (16/10/2014 @ 20:04)
Snow Villiers has been reserved!
posted 4 days ago (15/10/2014 @ 15:03) ▪ 2 notes
The reservation for Lightning has timed out!
posted 4 days ago (15/10/2014 @ 13:13)
❤ Cinque has been reserved.
posted 4 days ago (15/10/2014 @ 13:02) ▪ 3 notes
❤ Today is Balthier Mun's birthday!

Lets all leave him lovely wishes, on his special day!